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The Cube Method©: Simple Digital Planning

Twitter Success Video Training Series

Twitter Success: Intro and basics

In this video I take you through my training programme only accessible to live free range VIPs. I then go through all the basics of using twitter (so feel free to skip after the intro if you’ve already started using twitter).

The next part in this series takes you through social media dashboards like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. This will help you to use your time more efficiently and really get the best out of your network.

Remember: Digital Media should either replace something that’s not working for you or have such a positive impact that you can’t possibly ignore it.

Twitter Success: Dashboards

Now you have the hang of all the basics, this video takes you through how to streamline and schedule your twitter activity using a social media dashboard.

Starting with trends, hashtags and advanced search; I take you through how to maximise the potential of targeting your feeds using Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and SproutSocial (with a little bit of Bitly thrown in).

By the end of this video you will have all the tools you need to ensure your twitter profile is active and engaging without spending time you don’t have.

Twitter Success: Content

Now that we’ve covered the basics and a bit of dashboard scheduling and organising, it’s time to look at what you can create and share.

Starting with what’s in your pocket, I take you through some simple ideas to get you on your path to great content creation. I also take you through a couple of tools you can use to keep track of other interesting content being shared so that you can create a balance of information and ensure you become a hub for your audience.

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Twitter Success: Measure and Improve

You made it! This is the last in my short twitter success training video series. Now that you’ve decided what works for you, make sure you measure and improve. Listen to your audience, not just in what they tell you but the actions they take. What are they clicking on? Which messages get the best response? Make sure you haven’t missed any of the other videos:

  • Twitter Success: Intro and basics
  • Twitter Succes: Dashboards
  • Twitter Success: Content 
  • Twitter Success: Measure and improve (you’re here!)

If you want to go further with your digital media planning you can also check out my video of The Cube Method for digital planning.

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