Arrive confused – leave enthused

Jennifer is known for her practical advice and encouraging style. Her courses are designed for you to leave with clear next steps and a plan for future activity.

During the workshop
– Learn the fundamentals of social media communication
– Discuss best practice case studies from different brands
– Find your target audience and learn how they want to communicate
– Discover simple social media management tools

What next? Social Media Mentoring

Two weeks after your course, Jennifer will take you through an hour of social media mentoring to ensure you have everything you need for social media success.

What will I learn?

Strategy Success with social media is not about jumping on every new bandwagon but on evaluating each network and planning accordingly. Creating a social media strategy enables you to concentrate your time and resources where they will have the most positive impact.
Twitter Journalists rely on twitter to find qualified quotes and interviewees. You can learn how best to use it to build better relationships with journalists, bloggers and customers.
Facebook By far the largest of the social networks, we can use Facebook to target not only geographically but by specific interest and education. In this course you will learn how to tailor your communications to reach your target audience and achieve your goals.
LinkedIn The professional network, this is where you can showcase not only your company’s achievements but the expertise of your staff. Learn the best way to present staff profiles and company pages.
Content Creation Learn how best to maximise the equipment and content opportunities you have at your disposal. Jennifer will give you picture, video and audio creation and editing tips to ensure you have everything you need to succeed on social media.

What will my day look like?

Your day will start with breakfast where Jennifer will talk you through her methods. You will be provided with one of Jennifer’s Cube Method workbooks which you will add to throughout the day. This will become your skeleton social media strategy.

Lunch is your opportunity to discuss your own experiences with the other delegates and take a breather from the learning process. Come back refreshed in the afternoon and leave with clear next steps for you and your organisation.

REMEMBER! You will also have an hour of one to one social media mentoring with Jennifer two weeks after your course. Jennifer is passionate about maximising the impact of every course she delivers.

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