“Very clear direction on how to use social media purposefully and strategically.” ADMIS

You want to take advantage of social media for your business but need support developing and implementing your strategy

You know there are gains to be had for your business by using social media but can’t afford to waste time on trial and error. You want goal driven results.

I help businesses save time and money by giving hands on, practical and actionable advice

Full Strategic Support Package

Stage 1 – Establishing your goals and resources

You will begin with a detailed questionnaire designed to help you really isolate your business goals and how social media can support them.

Following your questionnaire, you will book a 1hour interview session with me so that we can verify all of your needs including gaps in your knowledge and experience.

Stage 2 – Filling in the training gaps

Within 24 hours of our first session, you will receive a video series relevant to your specific training and development needs along with templates for you to complete in preparation for your increased social media activity.

Stage 3 – The strategy building process

You will spend 2 hours with me (via Skype) every week for 3 weeks. This is where I will walk you through your entire social media strategy and development using my Cube Method©. This method has been developed over the past 4 years while working with organisations like The House of Commons, Guardian News & Media, Marks & Spencer and many others. It is proven to be both successful in practice and simple to implement.

On week 4 we will collaborate on your strategy document and put into place all of the internal workflows necessary to implement your strategy effectively.

Stage 4 – Implementation

Once a month for 3 months following your strategy development you will have a further 1 hour call with me to track your progress and optimise your social media activity. This enables you to make changes that reflect best practice.

The whole package lasts 4 months and ensures that any social media activity is both tracked to measure success and focussed on supporting your business goals and objectives.


Unlike training or traditional consultancy, this method supports you throughout the whole strategy building and implementation process. This ensures that your training needs are met while also guaranteeing you will action your learning in the most impactful and effective way for your business.

Too many of us waste time with online courses that we never complete or “real life” training where we don’t put the lessons into practice. My Social Media Strategy Support Package ensures that every penny you spend is working it’s hardest for your business benefit.

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