Day 1: Timeline & Profile

Welcome to my LinkedIn video training series. Within 5 days you’ll receive 11 training videos which will take you step by step through everything you need to update your profile and strengthen your network. If you’re using LinkedIn at the moment but you’re just not convinced that it’s having the impact you want, this course will tool you up for success.

Watch the videos and complete the tasks below.





Your first job after completing this update for yourself is to tell all your colleagues to do the same. We don’t update because we think our colleagues will presume we’re looking for another job (you know it’s true!). The fact is, if someone is job hunting, they’re job hunting. Much better to have your business represented by employees with up to date, relevant information and a vibrant profile.

TASK 1: Update your own profile with the advice from this training video and set a reminder every quarter to review it.

TASK 2: Spread the word amongst your colleagues and especially share tools like PicMonkey and Canva – they’ll love them

TASK 3: What are you going to do with your header image space? Decide what your focus is and create an image

Your next set of videos will be in your inbox tomorrow morning so make sure you’re ready :D


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Jennifer D BeggLinkedIn Video Training Series: Day 1

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