Day 5: And finally…

At this point you’ll have noticed that we haven’t looked at Company Pages. That’s deliberate and don’t worry, I’ll be sharing some resources for them shortly. This course is about you and what you can do as an individual on LinkedIn.

So let’s recap. Have you…

  • Updated your profile?
  • Created and shared an appropriate header image?
  • Created a simple plan for growing your network?
  • Downloaded your connections?
  • Tagged your connections and created a plan for how you can engage them more? 
  • Used your newsfeed as a touch point for reaching out to your network?
  • Evaluated and joined appropriate groups?

And so here we go, our two final videos.

Pulse: Influencers and bloggers

Research your audience

And so to your final tasks:

TASK 1: Follow some influencers on Pulse

TASK 2: Compose your first Pulse post

TASK 3: Test out some headlines on twitter

TASK 4: Use advertising to evaluate the size of your target audience on LinkedIn

Tada! You now have everything you need to be successful on LinkedIn. Please share how you get on, I’d love to hear your stories and new discoveries. 


Jennifer D BeggLinkedIn Video Training Series: Day 5

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