Day 4: Groups. Find, evaluate and network

At this point you should have a fully updated profile, a simple plan for growing your network and an organised list of current connections which you can easily InMail using appropriate tags. If you’re not there yet, please take some time to complete these tasks before continuing.

Group Statistics: Making informed decisions

Reaching out to a group owner

Advanced Search for Groups

I know I’m a broken record but make sure you’re up to date by visiting DAY 1, DAY 2 and DAY 3 before starting today’s tasks.

TASK 1: Evaluate the groups you’re already a member of and cull any that aren’t working for you

TASK 2: Make a plan for reaching out to group owners with relevant content

TASK 3: Perform a wider search to see where else you could go to be more active in a group setting

Tomorrow is the last day of this 5 day programme. We’ll be finishing off my talking about Pulse as a way into blogging and influencing as well as using the advertising tool to research your potential audience. See you on the flip side!

Jennifer D BeggLinkedIn Video Training Series: Day 4

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