Day 2: Advanced Search & Building Connections

Make sure you’ve completed your tasks from yesterday before you tackle these. Much better to start reaching out with a shiny new profile which truly reflects your skills, experiences and personality.

Advanced Search


Reaching Out

This is an easy one today after all your profile updating. Make sure you’ve completed all the tasks from yesterday before you start to reach out; you want your new connections to get a great first impression!

TASK 1: Decide what type of people you want to grow your network with

TASK 2: Run an advanced search and make a list of relevant individuals you want to reach out to

TASK 3: Connect. Follow the advice on these videos and grow that network

Tomorrow you will be analysing your network by downloading all your connections. Take the time to complete today’s tasks first to make sure you’re ready.

Jennifer D BeggLinkedIn Video Training Series: Day 2

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