My top five crafty web tools

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I can’t tell you how much it pleases me when my two worlds of craft and technology come together. There are so many websites that help to fuel my craft addiction, here are my top five:


A bit like Pinterest but gives the impression of being full to the gunnels of craft which makes it stand out for me.

Craft Gawker


I use StumbleUpon for many things, craft is just one of them. If I’m feeling crafty but not sure what I want to do a quick play with StumbleUpon never fails to spark an idea.



The obvious one and for good reason. Like StumbleUpon, I use Pinterest for many things but it’s great for craft patterns and ideas. I tend to take inspiration from a few sources then make something to my own design and Pinterest is great for that.



This is like having your uber knitter nan in the room with you. So much great advice in the forums, free patterns and project tracking. It really is the most essential site for beginners and experts alike.



I took up knitting again after inheriting my mum’s knitting patterns. My sister handed them to me with a look of “well I’m not going to use them” so I knew I needed to make sure they didn’t go to waste. Where did I go to remind me where to start? You know the answer.

I’d also like to give an honourable mention for Flickr. I hate the interface but it is a great place to find pictures of different types of crafts and a fabulous source for Guerilla Knitting.

If you’re into craft you’re probably also thinking “wait, what about Etsy“. I love Etsy, it’s great for buying unique gift or selling your own hand made creations. This post is meant for inspiration and sharing ideas which is why I haven’t included it but it is a great site none the less.

What are your favourite sites for crafty inspiration?

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Jennifer D BeggMy top five crafty web tools

3 Comments on “My top five crafty web tools”

  1. franswaine

    I love the fact that if you need to learn how to do something – you can pretty much guarantee you can look it up on YouTube! I love technology.

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