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Last week I shared my Top 5 Crafty Web Tools so this week I thought I’d share the fruits of one of the websites mentioned.

Ravelry. Oh how I love you. Whenever I am lost in a sea of confusion over what to give as a gift, you have the answer.


My niece just turned three and I knew she would get a lot of toys and clothes and I wanted to get her something different, something that might outlast the Peppa Pig / Hello Kitty obsession (though these look set to continue for many years to come).

This is the first project I’ve done on circular needles and I was a bit nervous but I have to say the pattern from YouTube was very easy to follow and she even pointed me to YouTube for specific technique videos (you can see why this would appeal to me).

When Isla informed me that she would also need a Daddy monster and two babies, I knew it was a success. Now where did I put those circular needles…

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