Make your own mini wallet

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Finished fabric wallet

I’m fed up of my plastic Oyster card holder looking crappy after only a couple of weeks (maybe I’m just really abusive to them). So I decided to make myself a more durable, and let’s face it prettier, fabric one:

First I made my template


TemplateI left a 1cm seam round the edge and 2cm in the middle but I only sewed about a 0.5cm edge which gave me more room to stuff cards and receipts.

I then cut out 1 template of lining fabric, 1 outer and 2 pocket. All the templates are the same because you double over the pocket fabric (cut a 1cm off the bottom so that there’s a gap between them.

Fabric and templateLay out the inner backing fabric and folder pockets the right way round with all edges aligned. Then place the right side of the outer fabric directly on top, right side against right side. Pin around the edge and sew all around leaving the 2 cm gap between each set of pockets un-sewn.

Pin and sewTo turn everything the right way round, push in both pockets and squeeze through one of the 2cm gaps.

Turning the right wayWhen you’ve pulled the whole thing through, use the holes to push out all the corners and lay the wallet flat. iron flat making sure that the middle un-sewn edges are seamed.

Push out all the cornersSew both edges and pack full of all your wallet stuffs.

Fabric WalletEt voila!

Finished fabric wallet

Finished fabric wallet

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Jennifer D BeggMake your own mini wallet

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