Inspired: A thoroughly Good Week!

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This week’s Feel Good Friday is dedicated to (and inspired by) A Good Week (thanks Lesley for the heads up!).

A Good Week is part of a global celebration of good stuff. They’re not prescribing what good should be, but their website is full of ideas and events for you to get involved with.

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The A Good Week Launch 2011 from A Good Week on Vimeo.

My GREAT week started a little bit before Monday with a visit to my cousins with my dad.

Me & Dad

Dad looking slightly bemused

It was a year ago this Monday that my big cousin Graham was killed in a motorbike accident. I didn’t spend nearly enough time with him, geography and life meant we only caught up every couple of years. That didn’t matter though because when we all got together we always had a brilliant time, followed by us all promising to keep in touch more.

Graham & Rachel

Since last year, my cousin Helen, Rachel, Jack, Harvey and all the Evans Massive (I’m including Claire, Louise, James, Brenda and all the gang in this by the way) have done a much better job of keeping in touch (Facebook has been a great help!). So, when we got together last weekend it was with great festivity and family friendship that we celebrated life, love and my truly excellent cousin.

Father's Day fun

Fathers Day: Not sure how they managed this after Brenda’s HUGE breakfast!


At the Park

And this was before the Bouncy Castle. Rain can’t stop us!

As you can see, we didn’t let a bit of wet weather stop us. We had a great time running around, drinking, laughing, making new friends and catching up with old ones. Now that for me is A GOOD WEEK!

If you haven’t had such a Good Week, here are some things for you to enjoy and share:

  • 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity from Buzzfeed (Thanks @Lucy_Jade)
  • Take a peak at Half The Sky Movement and see what you can do (hint – donate to Janie’s School :))
  • Watch the We Day clip on Youtube – WE NEED ONE OF THIS ACTION IN THE UK! (another @Skipinder share)
  • I defy you not to actually have a real life LOL reading Texts from my Dog – go on, share and cheer someone up!
  • If you’re of the baking persuasion, check out my friend @Penjy’s Random Bakes of Kindness – our Girl Guides loved it!

And of course, there are always the other #FeelGoodFriday posts if you’re stuck ;)

So – What kind of week have you had? What made it A GOOD WEEK?

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Jennifer D BeggInspired: A thoroughly Good Week!

8 Comments on “Inspired: A thoroughly Good Week!”

  1. @skipinder

    I attended the launch of A Good Week on Monday and it was pretty much an awesome way to start the week.From it I was inspired to make a few wee changes which have made this week a really good week…I picked up some productivity tips from Graham Allcott (@grahamallcott) can’t wait to read his book How to be a Productivity Ninja) which has meant I have had a really calm and productive week at work, I pledged to stop ordering from Amazon and ordered Jules Evans’ (he also spoke, awesome chap, @julesevans77) book Happiness for Life from my LBS instead and I decided to give up something I really wanted to do to help out someone else instead. Which made me feel good. :)

    I have started every day this week asking myself ‘What do I want to achieve today’ and writing it on a post it note. So far, at the end of every day I’ve been able to screw that post it up and put it in the bin. DONE. That has also made this week good. :)

    Oh, and last Saturday I won my category at a cycling event which though was not an Olympian style triumph was a wee victory for me and has made me feel pretty good all week.

    So, long story short – listening to inspiring people, simple changes, achieving stuff and doing stuff for other people has made this A Good Week.

    1. Jennifer D Begg

      You mean this big win?

      Thanks for your comment Lesley, great advice!

  2. Ross Wintle

    Heh. This is a good week to write about my week. I’ve been down in Devon visiting my in-laws. Unlike the stereotypical man, I absolutely adore my wife’s parents. They’re so generous and kind and they look after us brilliantly. I totally relax when I’m with them. And they’ve not seen baby Isaac for weeks either, so it’s been great watching nanna and grandpa spend some time with the gorgeous grandson.

    I’ve been working in the days (I’m thankful for remote working and the joys of laptops and broadband and gracious clients), but enjoying family time in the mornings and evenings.

    All in all, “A Good Week”!

  3. Sarah Strong

    Oooh, lots of little things this week. A couple of people at the mountain bike series I help run came up to me on Weds and said how much they appreciated the bit I contributed to Cycling Weekly about cycling & depression. Yesterday Edson in work kitchen made me PERFECT toast. Enjoying being back cycling on the singlespeed regularly for the first time since I made a mess of my collarbone nearly a year ago. Spent a long time watching the fox cubs in the back garden playing and discovering the world around them. Also, the Monday evening silent synchronicity of flatmates, leading to acquisition and imbibing of the cup that both soothes and inebriates made me smile. A lot. (Apols, feeling rather wordy today innit.)

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