Fairy dust (guest post)

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letter in the flowers ready for sending

Guest post from @fairyletters who’s working for a lovely little crafty start up:

Hello and a big thank you to Jennifer for letting us do a guest blog post. This is about a small startup called fairy letters. A girl called Emily came up with the idea of us sharing our fairy letter magic with others. She received letters from fairies when she was little and they were a magical part of her childhood. She arranged for us to make fairy letters for her friends and family and then decided to make us a website so that others could share the magic of fairy letters too.

letter in the flowers ready for sending

I am Fairy Rosa and make some of the fairy letters that get flown worldwide. People e-mail us saying what message they would like; some are for children who have lost their teeth, some for people who are nervous about going into hospital or exams and some are just for friends who would like a bit of fairy magic in their lives.

All of the letters are handmade and we start by writing a personalised message on a piece of carefully selected paper, we then attach a gem and add some of our fairy dust (with a bit of glue to keep it there!) The next step is to wrap each letter in a different piece of coloured tissue and tie a ribbon around.

Teeny tiny letters

The little letter then gets put in a bag with fairy hearts, stars and lavender. A little fairy or star charm is tied to the top and they are flown all around the world overnight. We try and make the fairy letters on the same day that someone places an order so that they have to wait for as little time as possible!

We have an old treasure chest filled with ribbons, glitter, gems and a wide variety paper. Emily’s parents also let us pick lots of lavender from their garden, which we dry out and put in letters in the UK.

We are about to get some help from the elves to start making Christmas letters for boys and girls and are also starting to make some fairy letter bags as wedding favours. There are some limited edition wands coming soon too :)

We love making fairy letters and if you have any comments or questions we would love to hear from you at fairyletters@strawbug.co.uk or on twitter have a look at our shop.

Little lavender letter

Lots of love and fairy wishes

Fairy Rosa xxx

For more details please have a look at our shop

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Jennifer D BeggFairy dust (guest post)

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