YouTube time: board games, bowling and books

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I don’t know about you but when I’m working on a big project and I find myself glued to my computer for a few days, I like to have some background entertainment to keep me going. Sometimes it’s a bit of Radio 4 action but more likely nowadays is a cheeky bit of Geek & Sundry:

Where else would you find a 30min programme dedicated to different types of board games?!

Another YouTube channel keeping me from tearing my hair out at the moment is Nerdist, particularly their celebrity bowling series. Even if you’re not a Dr Who fan, this one is comedy gold:

Finally, back on Geek & Sundry, there’s a new Tuesday Hangout series with science fiction authors. Really interesting if you’re an aspiring writer, but equally entertaining if you’re a fan of the genre:

I love the Hangouts and think they work really well. They’re great for interest groups and definitely worth considering for organisations who want to build more engagement with their brand. You can now record and stream straight to YouTube from a live hangout:

Video is such a great resource, from “how to” to vlogging to background entertainment. How are you using video? What are your favourites?

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Jennifer D BeggYouTube time: board games, bowling and books

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