Inspiration: Where do you find cheer?

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Yesterday I had no inspiration what so ever for this week’s #FeelGoodFriday post. It’s been a really busy couple of weeks and to be honest, I couldn’t really find the joy that I usually tap into to write FGF.

Thankfully, twitter had the inspiration I was looking for. The lovely Sarah Strong suggested “small things that make you smile”. This reminded me of where I usually go when I’m feeling down, what cheers me up?

My first go-to  is the YouTube clip Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. Let’s face it, who hasn’t wanted to just do a knee slide across a laundry floor?!

Next up is the always inspirational Steve Jobs

“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

So true. The bit that also really resonates with me is when he talks about doing something that you wouldn’t be happy to do on your last day on earth. Do that for too many days and you have a problem. There was a time when I saw this clip and thought “it’s alright for you to say that, you have money and choices” and that may be true but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t still the way we should all be thinking.

I love and always find sources of inspiration there but the videos I like the most are a little too heavy for this post (save them for another day) so I’m going to finish with my other favourite go to place for smiles, my Pinterest “Cute Animals” board. I think you’ll be able to tell I have put a lot of effort into collating quite the extensive collection *bows*

Cute, funny and a bit weird in equal measure...

Cute, funny and a little bit weird…

What cheers you up?

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Jennifer D BeggInspiration: Where do you find cheer?

8 Comments on “Inspiration: Where do you find cheer?”

  1. Sarah Strong (@opiumia)

    This *always* makes me smile, 1:14 of pure joy:
    Well, that and the clip of the baby panda sneezing. Years old and I’m still laughing at it. Oh, and the headline in the free London paper, Metro, from about 9 years ago when a farmer was injured by some of his herd: LLAMAS HARM A FARMER DRAMA. Oh, and lastly (for now) the BBC2 ident from the 1990s:

  2. Ross W

    I missed this on Friday. So…belatedly.

    I love cycling. I’ve not done much in the last seven months for reasons you’re all bored to death of by now. But whenever I get back on my beloved steed and get pedalling I find joy.

    I’ve always been a fit an active person. In my childhood I played outdoors a lot. In my teenage years I played a lot of squash. I was college sports rep at University (not always so joyful) and then mostly played 5-a-side in my twenties.

    All brought me joy.

    With “old” age comes not just grey hair and great wisdom (well, one out of two ain’t bad!), but a slightly less impact-proof frame. So cycling it is. I have joined the ranks of the MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man In Lycra). I’m proud, and happy.

    I’ll add, as a footnote, that music is another joy-bringer for me. Listening or playing. I love a good, well-written, upbeat song. Here’s one of the current Wintle-household favourites:

      1. Ross Wintle

        Kiddo? KIDDO? You should respect your elders! (I think I’m older than I think you think I am, but could be wrong, and I’m not going to be rude and ask your age).

      2. Jennifer D Begg


        PS: 31 for anyone who’s counting
        PPS: You look well young with your wooly hat – it must be like botox!
        PPPS: You also have a hot young wife!

  3. Ross Wintle

    This has become like Top Trumps.

    35!!! :-P

    Why thanks. That hat was knitted from some awesome yarn by my awesome sister in law. It’s practically glued to my head from about September to March. I LOVE it. And it’s anti-aging too! Perhaps she should sell them! :)

    PPPS: Sally will be very pleased!

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