We could be HEROES!

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Stella the dog
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Following “If Nothing We Do Matters” post from last week, I thought I’d make it easy this time and ask you to nominate your heroes. So, here’s your chance to share the people you think make the world a better place. Plus – excuse to open a post with David Bowie = WIN

Here’s mine (in no particular order):

Jimmy O’Neill (AKA Jimothy / Mr Spiller). Jimmy is the loveliest, funniest and most generous person. He’s also been a fireman for more than 16 years which pretty much means he’s a superhero in my book. Plus he let’s me call him Jimothy. Nuff said.

Joe Manganiello

This is how Jimothy looks to me

Simon (AKA Husband / The Mrs). When I uttered the imortal words “what I’d really like to do is build a school“, Simon didn’t even blink before saying “Do it!”. Simon’s my hero because he makes me feel like I can do anything. He’s also a much better feminist than I am which I think counts as another of his super powers.


Simon *ahem* saving Ally…

Jonathan Emmans (AKA Secret Millionaire… not really). Some of you may have heard the story about my twitter friend who surprised me by donating his pay rise to Janie’s School, well, that was Jonathan. Say hello, he’s really nice. I particularly like having him on my list because then we can have Stella the dog as his sidekick!

Stella the dog

Stella springing into action as Jonathan’s sidekick!

Father Coyle (AKA Santa. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s blasphemous. But he does have an awesome Santa beard!). Father Coyle made it fun to go to church when I was a teenager and never shied away from my constant questions. He’s also never lectured me about not going to church and is a constant and valued friend. I defy anyone not to love this man. He is a true super hero, running to the rescue of those less fortunate (actually, running’s pushing it… I’m still trying to convince him he needs a stair lift but he’s having none of it). Think I might have to get him a cape though *gets craft kit out*

Paula (AKA Supermum / my big sister). I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is quite so oblivious to how great she is (actually, I’ve met at least 4 other people like that… see above). I don’t know what I would have done without her when mum died and I can’t thank her enough for the way she keeps an eye on my dad (you know you need the watching father *pointy finger, teacher face*). Superpower = Hulk like ability to lose her temper

Wonder Woman

Paula could totally pull off this look, she just wouldn’t want to show the rest of us up

*all of these people (with the possible exception of Simon) will be horrified to be on this list and therefore definitely deserve to be on there!

So… who are your heroes?

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Jennifer D BeggWe could be HEROES!

5 Comments on “We could be HEROES!”

  1. Ross Wintle

    Yay for Feel Good Friday!

    I attend and support a rather unusual, chaotic, community-focussed church on a new housing estate. The minister is a woman who\’s life is totally dedicated to the community. Her family were the first people to move into the estate, and they did so at great personal cost. They have personally welcomed pretty much every family that lives on the estate, flung wide the doors of their home, and they serve the community generously, lovingly, and wholeheartedly.

    So I have absolutely no hesitation in putting forward as my hero: my minister\’s HUSBAND!

    He shall remain anonymous, but it\’s clear to me that the amazing community that has been built on the estate has been built, not by just the minister, but by her whole family. She couldn\’t do the work without her family being totally committed to it as well, and her husband is a complete rock who is at the centre of it all.

    He works long and hard at a full time job, ferries the children around to all their activities, gives up huge swathes of his spare time to put up marquees and gazeebos, run the AV equipment, and takes care of the household duties while his wife is out working, which she pretty much is 24/7. He does it with great dedication, great humour, and he has a cheeky, childlike, playful side too.

    He it truly a saint and if I could be a tenth of the husband, father, and man that he is, I would consider my life to have been a great achievement.

  2. Spillsy

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mr Spiller is going to be well jel of that picture.

    Jen, I honestly think you’ve forgotten something…

    YOU were the one who got through losing your lovely mum (with help from family and friends of course).

    YOU were the one who decided that building a school in your mums name would be a challenge not a chore.

    YOU are the glue that keeps all the ex-learn girls and boys in contact by posting your brilliant blogs and tweeting all of us regularly.

    So, to sum up, the real hero is YOU.

    Love ya Niff xxx Lil and Jimothy xxx

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