Inspiration and Motivation: I’ve been down there before and I know the way out

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I LOVE this clip! Not only does Derek Redmond show true spirit and sportsmanship by carrying on despite losing his race, the race he’s worked for his whole life, his father shows his immovable, unstoppable love and support for his son. What an example to us all.

So, in celebration of life’s obstacles, this week’s #FeelGoodFriday is in honour of the ones that keep us going . You know who I mean, the ones who won’t take no for an answer. The ones who believe in you when you’ve forgotten how to. I married mine (lest he try to escape – then what would I do!). I also have a couple in reserve who’ve known me so long that ditching them is definitely the more dangerous option!

Ah, Leo McGarry, your sage wisdom knows no bounds…

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a really old friend, family or a complete stranger. We’ve all had someone pick us up. We’re all the products of the people around us, the people who have made us stronger, changed us, helped us, loved us and driven us crazy. So I say it’s time to say thank you. Whether you send your mum a text and say thank you for making you do your homework, email an old friend who lent you that tenner at university or buy your old boss a drink for taking a chance on you when you were just starting out – say thank you now. Go on, say it. It only takes a second. People should know that they made a difference.


(I’ve never been able to resist a Buffy clip)

One of the things I’m most grateful for in life is that I got to say thank you to my mum. Soon after moving to London, I sent her and my dad this card:

She may never have understood how proud we were to call her our mum but at least I got the chance to say thank you. So take your chance now, don’t leave it another day. Say thank you to the ones who’ve made you who you are.

Who do you want to say thank you to?

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Jennifer D BeggInspiration and Motivation: I’ve been down there before and I know the way out

2 Comments on “Inspiration and Motivation: I’ve been down there before and I know the way out”

  1. Ross Wintle (@magicroundabout)

    Well, Sally, my ever-loving, ever-encouraging, ever-forgiving wife, obviously. I constantly doubt myself, but she has unwavering faith in me, and seems to ignore all of my failings and thinks I’m wonderful…I’ll never understand, but I’m so thankful to have her by my side.

    I’d also thank a small group of people who – to my constant surprise – consider me good friends. These people are cool, clever, popular, and creative. They MUST have hundreds of people with who they are better friends with than I. And yet they send me birthday cards, come to visit, call, text and Skype, and show us great dedication and love. I won’t name them here, but I will say thank you to them today.

    1. Jennifer D Begg

      That’s lovely Ross, thank you for commenting.

      PS: Sounds like your wife is very wise, you should probably stop questioning her judgement and just go with the fact that you’re obviously ace ;)

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