An Olympian feat of feel goodness

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Gold No 5 for Sir Chris Hoy

Two weeks and one day late (turns out there’s nothing feel good about a cold), I couldn’t not mention the feel goodness that is London 2012. So here is my Feel Good Friday¬†(Actually, Saturday) post.

Brits are known for being cynical but I can’t tell you how much I love the¬†sentimentality that’s swept through my most cynical friends. We’re all in love with the Olympics. If the opening ceremony wasn’t enough to have you reaching for the nearest Union Flag, watching the athlete’s excitement and talent will definitely be getting to you by now. For me it’s not only the sense of national pride but the brilliant showcase for women in sport, both the athletes and the presenters who have been chosen for their skill and knowledge, bravo ladies!

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Jessica Ennis from Algernon Felice Jr on Vimeo.

Special mention for the f*ckwittery of Andrew Brown’s column in the Telegraph (you know the one, where he worries about Gemma Gibbons and her soft skin…). It made me very happy to see the way he was smacked down on twitter, within his own blog comments and by other bloggers. It’s about the athletic skill Andrew, nothing else.

We’re all crushing on Clare Balding, no really, we absolutely are! She’s been a bit of a hero in our house for a long while (especially when she stood up to AA Gill for his ridiculous comments on her sexuality) so it’s nice to share our love of the Balders with the rest of the UK. Here she is being interviewed by De Montfort University. What a great ambassador for sport, women and Britain.

I love what Clare says about the importance of spreading sport around the world and the freedom it can give women worldwide. In the run up to the Olympics, Stylist Magazine has been running the Fair Game Campaign to eradicate sexism in sport and despite a couple of dissapointing front pages (I’m looking at you Guardian – I love Bradley Wiggins but he didn’t win Team GBs first Gold medal) there’s been such a feeling of support for all of Team GB, no second class athletes here.

And it’s not just the feeling of everyone watching but the response from the athletes. They all look so excited and touched by the support.

I defy anyone to watch the interview with Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase and not shed a cheeky tear (skip to 1:18:35). What absolute heroes.

It’s hard to pick a favourite moment, there have been so many. This wins so far though:

Gold No 5 for Sir Chris Hoy

Gold No 5 for Sir Chris Hoy * dust in my eye *

We’re heading off to see the Gymnastics tomorrow so I’ll keep you posted (threatening to wear my old team shell suit, I draw the line at a leotard…)

What’s been your favourite moment?

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Jennifer D BeggAn Olympian feat of feel goodness

5 Comments on “An Olympian feat of feel goodness”

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  2. franswaine

    Great post – I can’t believe how much I’ve cried at the telly this week! I was actually quite anti the Olympics (politically – not anything to do with the amazing, AMAZING sports men and women) so was shocked at how emotionally involved I got. God even writing this I feel like I’m welling up!

    It is so refreshing to see sports people on the telly who are so humble and lovely.

    I can’t help but wonder what the crime stats have been in the UK this past few weeks. It’s surely had an impact on the whole nation? When it finishes the whole of the UK is going to have that horrible come down feeling aren’t they? But for now I feel so proud to be British and completely inspired.

    1. Jennifer D Begg

      I wonder if the Guardian data blog will have a look at that (seems like something they would do).

      I know what you mean about the “come down”, I just hope that at least for young people in sport there is a tangible impact.

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