This IS the droid you’ve been looking for :O)

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Simon has had his new phone for a few months now but has been using his old knitted (or actually, my old knitted) phone cover which wasn’t quite long enough. So, for our anniversary, I decided to surprise him with a new custom made one.

Finished phone cover

Finished phone cover

He’s been asking for me to knit a cover with an android logo on it for a while now but I’m afraid I wimped out and went for the trusty felt and cross stitch option instead:

This is my little graph paper plan of the Android logo.

Android pattern

Planning out my pattern


I then cut out cross stitch fabric according to my pattern. I pinned and tacked the fabric in place and then cross stitched my Android according to my pattern.

Pin and sew

Pin and sew


Lining the cover


The lining I’ve used is actually an old pencil case that I ruined by leaving it on the windowsill next to a candle… I cut out two rectangles the size of simon’s phone and used running stitch to attach them to the felt.

Fitting the phone

Fitting the phone


I then made sure the phone fit inside the case and sewed both sides together leaving a .5cm space along the edge for blanket stitching.

Finished phone cover

Finished phone cover



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Jennifer D BeggThis IS the droid you’ve been looking for :O)

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