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Looking for something special to give for a thank you gift, I decided to use my rediscovered knitting skills to make a flower brooch.A few months ago, the marvelous book man at work brought in the Usbourne Art Ideas: How to Knit ( It’s brilliant for beginners and has loads of ideas for small projects so you can feel like you’ve achieved in a short amount of time. This is where I learned to knit leaves and petals:

I started by knitting 10 petals then a little square to attach them to:

Next I arranged them into a flower shape and lay them on the green square. I then used a crochet hook to pull the tails through the square to hold them in place:

Then I crocheted a small flower to go in the middle:

Make a 5chain, join with slip stitch to make a loop. 2 chain, 3 tripple in the loop, slip stitch in the loop (repeat 5 times). Fasten off and leave a long end for sewing

I only used the small flower but I crocheted them both to see which one would look best. For instructions on how to crochet, check out Creative Crochet magazine.

After that I crocheted a granny square to go on the back of the brooch to cover all of the sewing. For instructions check out this youtube video:
[youtube] After sewing the small flower on to the centre of my brooch and attaching a yellow button to finish, I tied up off the threads on the back and pinned the granny square in place. I then chain stitched round all the edges fixing the petals in place:

After chain stitching round all the edges, I sewed a pin to one corner to finish off:

Ta da!! A loverly new brooch for Mrs B.

Let me know how you get on with yours, especially if you have any improvements…

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Jennifer D BeggMrs B’s Knitted Brooch

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