Does your mug need a hug?

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Christmas shopping is poopy at the best of times but when the pavements are covered in slush, it’s freezing and you know you only have a few days left to get everything, poopy turns to anxious terror!So instead of worrying about how many of my pressies I didn’t manage to get today and how little time I have left to get them, I decided to do some knitting.

Now technically these count as Christmas shopping… we bought the mugs as gifts so the hugs will go with them :O)

This one is just knitted in Garter Stitch (plain all the way) using 4mm needles and chunky wool with varying thickness. I cast on 11 stitches and knitted until my Hug reached around the mug. To make the fastening overlap, I cast off 2 stitches at the start of the row and knitted 2 stitches together at the end. I knitted the next row and then reduced again using the same method.To make the button holes: Knit 3, Cast off 1, Knit 3, Cast off 1, Knit 2. Knit the next 2 rows then cast off. Mark where your buttons should be and  sew them in place, then you’re done!

For the next one, I used 2 balls of thick, double knit wool with 4mm needles. I cast on 14 stitches and knitted 2 rows in one colour to make a border. Row 3: Knit 2 with same wool, knit 10 using both balls of wool, knit 2 with border colour. Row 4: Knit 2 with border wool, purl 10 with both, knit 2 with border.

Continue with this until the Hug fits right round the mug. Repeat the last 2 rows of knit with the border wool to complete the circle, cast off until you have 3 stitches and continue with stocking stitch for 10 rows to make a button hole. Cast off final stitches and loop the last 10 rows round and sew in place. Bring the two ends together and stitch at the bottom, leaving the button loop at the top.

Choose a button and sew onto the opposite corner and you’re ready to go!Et voila! A potentially boring, impersonal gift turned into a thoughtful and unique talking point. Also, more fun and less stressful than wandering round the shops :O)

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Jennifer D BeggDoes your mug need a hug?

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