What’s in a username?

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A friend of mine has just started her own business and has already launched quite a successful Facebook Page. Here is my explanation for her (and any other organisations who are using Facebook Pages) on how to set a username or unique URL and why it’s important.

First thing’s first, what is a username in the context of FB? This is where you request a unique URL from FB (eg www.facebook.com/janiesschool). You can request these for your own profile or for any of your FB Pages. To do that, you must be logged in and go to facebook.com/username

For your organisation’s page, pick from the drop down menu and click ‘check availability’. This is where you can set the URL. You’ll be given a few options so have a think about what you would like if your business / charity name isn’t available. This is also when you should be thinking about SEO (search engine optimisation). If your organisation name is available that’s great, if not, try to get something related to the work you do and check how the words rank in google search. I’ll be doing a post on SEO shortly but in the meantime, here is an article courtesy of moo.com which does a really good job of explaining the basics.

Why is it a good idea to have a FB username for your page? Simply put, it looks better on business cards. In an online environment you can easily hyperlink so it’s less of a problem if you have a long URL. However, if you are spreading the word offline, it’s always better to have an easy URL for people to remember and be able to type quickly. It also just looks more professional when you’re listing your contacts.

With that, I wish you all best of luck with your FB Pages (especially you Covet Bespoke Milliner, very proud to know you!).

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Jennifer D BeggWhat’s in a username?

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