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Content Planning

Hello there! It’s Ellie, the intern…

Content takes time to plan and create and time is something we all lack. If you recognise that you are a little lousy with time management, don’t neglect it. There are many things you can do to help yourself, so I’m going to share four great digital tools that can make time management for content planning that little bit easier, saving you time and money.

Self Control

Now this is a tool for people that really struggle with staying focused. I live with four girls who are all in their final stages of university, and they ALL find managing their time difficult to juggle! So I can really relate to the stresses of poor time management (I hope you don’t mind me saying, girls!).

There are many websites that do similar things but for my money ‘self control’ is the most serious about helping you get your work done. It’s a free mac application, which will help you avoid those distracting websites, blocking your own access, your mail servers, or anything else on the internet. Just set a time period for how long you want to block access for, add the sites to your black list and click start. Once you click start there’s no going back, you won’t even be able to access those sites, even if you restart your computer or delete the application.

How can this help?

It really will half the amount of time you spend doing your content planning or creation. It’s all well and good you setting yourself 15 minutes work time and then allowing yourself that sneaky peak at Facebook but it never works like that, does it? You’ll go back to that distracting website and will end up spending more time on there rather than the task that needs to be completed.

Similar website – Focus booster.

content planning


Another site worth your time is  Focus@will, a combination of music and neuroscience. Some need absolute silence, some need music blasting to get motivated. Well, for those of you who like some tunes and can never work out which songs push you along the most (whether it’s the sound of Radiohead or in Jennifer’s case the Nashville soundtrack haha!), just hit start on this website and it will play 60 minutes of music, with all different genres to choose from, from classical through to up tempo. Through neuroscience and psychology, the owners of this website believe this music will help your work environment become less distracting. But do you believe it? Even if it’s not for you, check out their website and the science behind it, it’s really interesting.


As previously mentioned in one of my ‘digital intern’ blog posts, Canva is one of my absolute favourite tools and it’s free! This tool makes design simple for everyone (the design on this post and the designs from Jennifer’s previous post were all created by Canva). You can create designs for web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, and so on. Make a design by either uploading your own images, choose from hundreds of free elements like graphics, photos, and fonts, or take your pick from Canva’s library of more than 1 million images for just $1 – a small price for this AMAZING WEBSITE! With Canva’s easy drag and drop tool, your personal design is (almost) ready in an instant.

How can this help? 

Well, it means you don’t have do set aside that valuable time to source new images from all over the net or quickly, magically construct a new image on Photoshop – which never ends up being quick! You also don’t have to hire someone to create that design for you or wait for someone else to produce what you need.

You are the only one who knows what you really want, so with this, you are able to create something exactly how you pictured it in your head. Even if you aren’t the creative type, Canva gives you that blank canvas and all the utensils you need to help you become an artistic mastermind. It’s quick, easy and every design is completely original for you to put your own stamp on it.


Add and save your favourite social networks, publications and blogs all in the same place to stay connected to the topics and people closest to you, enabling you to create your very own personal social news magazine. There are apps that do a similar job to Flipboard, but this one definitely stands out for me. It makes sure you don’t miss a THING from any of your social networks or other favourite web hangouts. With the latest update of Flipboard, you can save and collect the topics you love and create your own mini magazine like ‘trips I want to take’ or ‘what tools can help save me money for my business’. You can pick topics from your favourite websites that could be helpful for content planning and, if you don’t have time to read them now, save them all in the same place and go through them later at a leisurely place at your desired time. It also lets you enjoy all your social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. so you can interact and find out what your followers are up to and what they are enjoying on your page – and this data could be valuable to help you work on improving your business.

How can this help?

You don’t have to spend hours on a search engine looking for the specific information you want – if you sign up to Flipboard through Facebook, it knows exactly what you love and the content that could be useful for your business. It really will save you so much time and you don’t have to pay someone to do that extensive research for you!

Bye for now,

Ellie x

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Ellie FranklinTime and money saving series: Content planning

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