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How do I maximise content creation with limited resources?

This is something that comes up a lot when I talk to marketing teams and small businesses. Let’s face it, we all have limited resources and want to get the best results.
It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to content creation and if you’re going to be successful online, it all starts with content. Whether it’s for social media engagement, search engine optimisation or brand awareness, content is a key element to success.

The first step in your content planning should be creating a content calendar.

  • What are your key industry events?
  • Are you running any events yourself?
  • Are any of your staff speaking at events this year?
After these are clearly marked off you also want to plan in any research papers, white papers or announcements that you are expecting. Do you have any content relating to these topics that can be repurposed and reshared?



If you are providing speakers for events, why not run an online Q&A with them for delegates in advance. This can be done for free using a Google+ Hangout which is streamed to YouTube. This content can then be shared further and in bite size chunks over a longer period of time.

Can you share any of the speaker’s notes or presentations from these events or link to them from a blog post?
Now that you have your calendar, you can start planning. You need to set up a simple workflow that opens up content creation beyond just your team (or, you know, you!). By sharing your content calendar you can be more inclusive with your content creation and take advantage of team networking across the board. Make it clear that you want to receive ideas and content which you can then edit and share if appropriate.


Importantly, share successes. If you get a blog post idea or a whole post from another staff member, tell them how well it did. What kind of traffic did it receive? This will not only encourage more content, it will help to improve content quality as you and others learn more about what works.
Remember, if you treat everything as a content opportunity, collecting quality becomes less daunting. The moon landing was achieved with less technology that is in your pocket right now so have confidence and learn how to maximise potential.

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Jennifer D BeggSimple content management

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