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The blog may have been a touch quiet of late but I’ve been writing cheeky wee posts all over the place. Here’s a quick round up for you:

Using Facebook Groups to engage your students

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SecEd: Using Facebook with your students should not be done on a whim or because you feel you have to. The only reason to ever use a particular piece oftechnology is because it enhances your experience or helps you achieve something. With that in mind, let’s look at the potential for using Facebook with your students. READ MORE

How to: Pic Monkey

The High Tea Cast: Something a bit different for my post this month. If you’ve ever wished that you could touch up your pictures or add filters without having to share on Instagram, you should check out PicMonkey. This is my handy little how to video to get you started:


Tech Talkfest

The High Tea Cast: I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tech Talkfest but I was excited! Let’s face it, an evening at the Google office listening to Stef Lewandowski, founder of Makeshift, in a room full of “my people”. And it wasn’t all geeks of the computer variety, no sir, there was a great mix of backgrounds and ages including a mechanical engineer who reminded me a bit of my dad. READ MORE

Top 5 Nerdy Podcasts

The High Tea Cast: Now we all love theREAD MORE (especially me!) but today I want to point you in the direction of my top 5, not to be missed, nerdy podcasts. Sam and Lea have talked about the lack of women in podcasting so I was really pleased with myself when I realised how many of my favourite shows have women presenters. Something I often talk about is the importance of bringing men into feminism so I would also add that Chris Hardwick who hosts The Nerdist Podcastis one of my favourite feminists (up there with Wil Wheaton and my husband). READ MORE

Tumblr Tips for Newbys

The High Tea Cast: Like YouTube, I have lost hours of my life (very happily) on Tumblr. It’s a bit of an oddity if you’re used to other networks and blogging platforms. Yes, you can create a pretty nifty website / blog using Tumblr as your platform and one of their many templates. They make it very easy for you to play around with the HTML so if you’re that way inclined, there is a lot of design freedom. READ MORE

Google Plus: What the F**K?

The High Tea Cast: It’s no secret that I’m a complete Google Plus geek. I love it. You might be thinking “please God no, not another social network” and I get it, what could you possibly need another one for? On the other hand, you may find yourself losing interest in twitter or Facebook and want another way to consume and communicate. If you do, G+ is definitely worth a look. READ MORE

Developing a social media strategy for your school

SexEd: There is a lot of pressure to pay attention to social media and many organisations dive onto platforms without really thinking through why they are there or what they want to get out of it. READ MORE

Love Letter to YouTube

The High Tea Cast: Ah YouTube how I love you let me count the ways…READ MORE

Sexism – It’s so easy, even a man can do it

The High Tea Cast: This article isn’t about the every day sexism that women suffer, the kind that we’re all in agreement is abhorrent, outdated and unacceptable. This article is about the kind of sexism that is still acceptable to our society and happens in advertising (I’m looking at you Boots the Chemist and every washing powder ad you’ve ever seen), is joked about around the dinner table and is sometimes encouraged by the most independent women I’ve met. READ MORE

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Jennifer D BeggRound up, round up…

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