Connecting with journalists on Twitter (podcast)

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The live free range podcast is designed to give you top tips and advice on how to make your life (and work) easier and more productive using digital media. This session I’m talking to Janet Murray about using twitter to connect with journalists. She shares her tips on what to do and importantly, what NOT to do. Enjoy.

Janet is a freelance journalist and director of media training agency, Last Word Group. Janet writes articles for national newspapers and magazines. She also helps PR and marketing professionals get better media exposure for the people they work for, via her training consultancy Last Word.

Janet has been a journalist for 12 years and has written for pretty much every national newspaper, countless consumer and specialist titles and made dozens of radio and TV appearances. She specialises in education and social affairs and has twice been a finalist in the CIPR’s Education Journalist of the Year awards.

Links mentioned in this session:

  • How to create a twitter list
  • Janet’s Blog
  • Dates for Last Word’s “What Journalists Want” conferences

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Jennifer D BeggConnecting with journalists on Twitter (podcast)

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