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The first question you should ask yourself is why you would like a Facebook page. Like any other marketing, PR or promotion, you have to know why you’re doing it and what you expect to get out of it.

Your page should be a platform for discussion, not a one way information highway. How many pages have you clicked “like”, only to later “unlike” because they pour out too much information about themselves instead of engaging with you. Facebook uses very clever metrics in their newsfeed to avoid this but it also means that if your users don’t engage with you, your page won’t appear naturally (unless they religiously use the “most recent” tag).

To make sure you are “Top News”, you need to ensure that your fans have reason to click “like” to your comments, links and pictures. To ensure even higher priority you want as many of your fans as possible to comment on your posts. Similar to your blog, asking questions is one of the most popular ways to encourage comments (that and a controversial topic). On your Facebook page, a great way to ensure shares and comments are pictures and videos.

This is where social media and traditional networking come together beautifully. If you host or attend an event, take pictures! The second most important thing you need to do is tag them. This way your pictures will get seen by friends of fans as they will appear in their news feed. If you are a university or school alumni organisation, this is the perfect tool to ensure all your past students are aware of and like your page.

If you work independently as a campaigner and not for a particular charity, you also want to make sure that your posts on Facebook have as much influence as possible. Just as interaction with a Page means it’s posts appear more prominently on news feeds, your own personal shares act the same way. If you don’t use Facebook as a way of interacting with your friends, your updates won’t have priority in their news feed. As with Twitter, this doesn’t mean a blow by blow account of every cup of tea but it does mean getting involved. Again, if you don’t have the confidence to write a comment, why not share a link, video or picture. Visit Reddit and share something fun and interesting. Look at what your circle of friends are sharing; comment and “like” their posts (if you do indeed like them…).

Social media is just that, it’s social. As an organisation or individual you want it to become part of your social interactions. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs are not replacements for face to face networking but a great way to enhance and expand the reach of your message.

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Jennifer D BeggIn yo face!

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