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A new way to organise your digital networks

Following a couple of prompts (thanks @Skipinder & @SuchPrettyEyes), I’ve finally managed to sit down and have a play around with IF This Then That. In the words of my husband “why didn’t I think of inventing that!?”

If This Then That

The site lets you connect your accounts from across 47 options in order to trigger actions. Essentially, each channel becomes a “this” or “that” with the first action triggering the other.


Connect up to 47 different accounts

You create your own “Recipes” which are private or can be shared if you think the combination would be useful for other users.

So far, I’ve set up my Instagram pictures to be automatically saved to a Dropbox folder, twitter mentions to be added to Storypad for Storify (great for building brand engagement stories), new WordPress posts to go to LinkedIn (not revolutionary, I can set this up easily already) and lastly my YouTube favourites are being sent to Dropbox.


I particularly like the range of applications available to users. It’s incredibly easy to set up your Recipe’s and although some links are easily managed with other existing programmes, IFTTT significantly opens up the field, upping the control and customisation to incredible levels!

So, what are your favourite Recipes?

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Jennifer D BeggDigital Networks: If This Then That

4 Comments on “Digital Networks: If This Then That”

  1. Tom

    This is so brilliant, it’s almost overwhelming! There’s so much this thing can do, and by the looks of it the scope is only going to get bigger; there’s certainly a few ‘channels’ currently missing, and not all of them take full advantage of the APIs, but even so there’s so many possibilities it’s like being a kid in a sweet shop! I just need to make sure I don’t get too bogged down in what’s possible rather than what’s actually practically useful – I spent the first hour or so enabling as many channels as possible and looking to see how much I could daisy-chain them together: not the most effective way of using it…!

    Quite liking the possibilities with the ‘star an item in Google Reader’ if trigger at the moment, will come back wih recipes when I’ve finished playing!

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