A Day in the life of a digital intern…

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Diary of a Digital Intern

Hello! My name is Ellie and I have been taken under the wing of the digital obsessive that is Jennifer for a month now, and what a whirlwind month it has been!

I left college just over two years ago to work and travel, so having to write or use any part of my brain other than counting a punter’s change for a pint was going to be a tricky one. I was bricking it to say the least, but Jennifer made me feel completely at ease and genuinely excited about the next few months working at her side.

My job as a digital intern is to essentially be Jennifer’s right hand when it comes to building and sharing quality content. On my first day, we met in a coffee shop in central London. We spent a few hours discussing what the plan was for the next coming weeks and what I should be getting on with.

After I left, I honestly felt completely suffocated. I was so intimidated by the big wide world of digital media. I felt like I had so much work to do and so little time. After calming down and sleeping on it, I began to realise I was putting far too much pressure on myself. It’s all about progression and prioritising, I soon came to my senses and realised that it’s impossible for anyone to learn everything you want to in 24 hours.

Diary of a Digital Intern

Keeping on Top of Digital Media

Forcing your way onto an over-crowded tube in the morning rush through London is definitely not the most pleasant part of my day. But one thing that certainly makes it more bearable is listening to an insightful podcast. The average Londoner spends around 56 minutes on public transport (I actually spend around 70!) That time is so valuable. I actually enjoy that journey to and from where I study now, with the help of Amy Porterfield, Michael Stelzner and a few more. It’s a great way to let that stressful journey pass by in a flash.

Digital media is everywhere and it never stops, you may be on a 9-5 day but digital media is working all round the clock. There’s always something new to learn as new things are being introduced every minute of the day. It’s essential to keep up to date with it. I am constantly searching through Internet platforms for new stories, most often I’ll scroll through Mashable, The Next Web, The Guardian and so many more just to keep on top of things. When I was shown how to create a newsletter and what a campaign was on Infusionsoft, I was completely baffled by it all – and yes, it still does baffle me – but I do think if you put your mind to something you can really achieve so much that you first thought you’d never be able to do! And that feeling when you have actually done something that you once thought was unachievable is the best.

Ellie's top tools

Ellie’s 5 Intern Top Tips!

1. Set Personal Goals

It was quite a shock when I found out I had got this internship with Jennifer. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and coming into a workplace that I wasn’t familiar with was extremely nerve-racking for me! Set yourself personal goals every week that are challenging but achievable this may simply be discovering something new that you can utilise for work or finishing writing that blog before your deadline (which is what I’m doing right now!)

2. Keep Yourself Busy!

If you find you have finished all the work that has been given to you, don’t assume you are done for the week. There is always something new you could stimulating your brain with. Use your initiative, you could ask you boss for a new project or keep researching and developing ideas for everything and anything that could be related to your specific field.

3. Ask Questions!

As an intern your employer does not expect you to know everything about the job, that’s why you’re there! So take advantage of your student status and ask as many as possible… I sure do! Internships give you valuable experience so the more you ask the more you will learn.

 4. Don’t Leave Everything to the Last Minute!

For me if I leave my work to the last minute, I get stressed and you can see it in my work if it’s rushed. For example, throughout the week, I collect information for our weekly newsletter and when it’s nearly time, I can scroll through my findings and pick what I think is most relevant and engaging for our audience… so no stress :)

5. Be Enthusiastic, Be Motivated, Be Inspired!

There’s nothing worse for an employer who is so passionate about what they do (like Jennifer!) to work with someone who isn’t interested. I feel really lucky to be a part of Jennifer’s little world. I really do think enthusiasm and motivation are contagious and make your work even more exciting. It’s great to be able to share what you love with other people.

The way Jennifer is so calm and collected, especially with the amount of projects going on in her life, is truly inspiring. I think one of the main reasons for this is because she loves what she does and it really is starting to rub off on me.

Bye for now,

Ellie x

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Ellie FranklinA Day in the life of a digital intern…

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