A Day in the Life of a Digital Intern – Instalment 2!

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Me again! Welcome to another instalment of my blog all about what goes on at Live Free Range, no secrets! Here you’ll find out what my intern role entails. Week-by-week Jennifer gives me new tasks and with these posts, I can let you all into what my responsibilities are, the challenges involved and the tools I use to answer them.

Now, Jennifer mentioned that those of you who read my previous digital intern post praised my honesty throughout it, well…

It’s an unusual feeling when someone comes up to you and says, “Oh I read your blog, it was great, well done.” This is very new for me and so my response was invariably an awkward shuffle, a face resembling a tomato and a mumbled, “Umm thank you?” Very British, I know, but – you probably recognise this in yourself – it’s hard to take a compliment.

Jennifer was saying that she feels the same when someone says something about her work. I’ll let you into a little secret… she actually edited out some of my praise towards her in my first instalment (you told me be to be honest!!) but how do we combat our approach to accepting a compliment?

Be confident – use those compliments to turn that negative mind-set around and try and boost that confidence! That’s what I keep telling myself. The most important judgement you will ever have to pass in life is the judgement you make on yourself.

What New Things Have I Learnt This Week?

Jennifer has introduced me to Screenflow. This is a really useful video-editing tool where you can record the contents of your entire computer screen while also capturing your video camera, microphone and your computer audio – and it’s really easy to use. So, for those of you who need a helping hand to get kick-started with using this type of software, try it out. It also lets you creatively edit your video by adding additional images, text or music with smooth transition techniques. When the finished edit is ready, you can publish on your website or blog, or directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or one of many more social channels.

The reason Jennifer has asked me to get familiarised with this software is because I’ll be helping her edit some of her tutorial videos for her work she has been doing with the House of Commons – all very exciting! So, for example, one of Jennifer’s tutorials is ‘An Introduction to Twitter’. She uses Screenflow to follow her every move on screen and with audio accompaniment of Jennifer explaining her every click.

When I first started interning at Live Free Range, I was absolutely petrified of learning something new – thinking I wouldn’t know how to utilise any of these new tools. But now that I’ve started to get into the swing of things, I’m finding it so much easier to grasp these new skills and I think that’s down to really enjoying what I’m learning! If you’re doing something you dislike it’s so difficult to stay motivated. I’m now so eager to see what digital techniques will be next on my list.

Look out for my next instalment soon!

Bye for now,

Ellie x

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Ellie FranklinA Day in the Life of a Digital Intern – Instalment 2!

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