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Dude! Where’ve you been? will be going through a bit of a revamp in the next few weeks and a big part of that is related to content. I have to confess that I haven’t been exactly practicing what I preach when it comes to content planning and sharing (ahem) so it’s time to “Eat That Frog” :D

Reading material

At a recent Tech Talkfest event titled “Hack, Play, Learn” the lovely Stef Lewandowski talked about a platform his organisation Help Me Write recently launched, called Vote for your Favourite. It’s a great way of asking your audience what they would like to see more of and also gives you an easy method of prioritising your writing. I’ve already listed a few ideas for my upcoming posts and would love for you to SecEd. If you have a burning question which isn’t on the list, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below and I’ll add that baby on there!

Some of the ideas listed have come out of recent training sessions and conversations with clients. Nothing gets me on my soapbox more when training than the idea that you need to be an expert in everything digital in order to take meaningful action. Half the problem for companies is employee confidence. There are so many opportunities for great content creation beyond the marketing department with just a little bit of training and permission.

What else is going on?

If you work in education, you’ll be interested in my upcoming series of ‘how to’ articles and videos for SecEd. It’s a series of six beginning with ‘How to use Facebook with your students’ and covers a range of topics from online safety to staff training and development.

I’m really excited about a guide I’m working on for It’s all about using social media for small businesses and covers beginner, intermediate and advanced activities. If you have any top tips for businesses getting started with social media please share them in the comments or tweet them using #SocMedSME. I’ll include the best ones in the guide (with your permission of course).

Despite this being one of the most exciting pieces of work I’m likely to do over the summer, I can’t really say much more about this last thing than… what do employers want? If you have any recruiting responsibilities for your organisation, I’d love to hear from you. All I ask is for you to complete a short online survey and potentially a brief telephone interview. It’s all in the name of improving training for young people so, you know, well worth your time.

Get in touch!

In short, I’m going to get my behind in gear to produce some more great content for you and all I ask is that you help me out by commenting / voting / tweeting / prodding / waving… pretty much however you want to get my attention.



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Jennifer D BeggCh ch ch ch changes…

2 Comments on “Ch ch ch ch changes…”

  1. Rachel ScottyWotsits (@scottywotsits)

    I’d love a blog post on how to get people to engage with content I’m posting, mostly on twitter & facebook – I know you’ve talked about it already in one of your google hangouts, but a ‘How To’ blog post could be great! It’s all about conversation, but that’s pretty difficult when people just don’t reply or respond to things…

  2. Jennifer D Begg

    Thanks Rachel. The conversation thing is so true, it can be so hard to get people to visibly engage but that doesn’t mean they’re not reading or taking onboard your points. It’s worth making sure you’re measuring the right indicators when thinking about engagement.

    Really enjoying using Help Me Write, it’ll be interesting to see what people want to read about :)

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