Five picture tools to make your content POP!

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Not the usual stock imagery

It’s really important that your content catches the attention of your target audience for the right reasons. Anyone who knows a designer or photographer will have heard them complain about online copyright issues (and rightly so) – and if you haven’t, a quick visit to Clients From Hell tumblr will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

So if you want to be eye catching and thought provoking without p*ss*ng anyone off (or being sued), you want to get into the habit of using your own images wherever possible.

Amateur dramatics

If, like me, you’re not a designer of any kind, this can be challenging. The following picture tools are my saviours when it comes to manipulating images.

PicMonkey (I know, I’ve mentioned it before… but I LOVE it)


You’ll be able to see from this wonderful “before vs after” shot (ahem) that PicMonkey helped to get rid of my pasty hue as well as a few bags under my eyes and most importantly some of the hefty shiners I had on my chin and nose!


This is a new one for me thanks to the eagle eyes of Emma Cossey of The Freelance Lifestyle. Both of the images used above were formatted using Canva templates and the range of available FREE templates is very impressive. They have options available from blog graphics to Facebook covers, business cards, documents and presentation templates.

Canva screen grab


This one is a mobile app and is only available on iOS at the moment. The example below is just using one of their backgrounds but you can add their stock quotes, text and images to your own pictures too.

This app is well designed and takes Instagram’s image style and upgrades it (much like A Beautiful Mess) with the addition of beautiful fonts and other overlays. This is great for creating a featured image for your blog posts or newsletters.

The possibilities are endless

Recite This

Recite this, is a website which gives you a wide choice of background and font designs where you simply input your text and choose the template. Great for creating blog images, featured slides for presentations or images to illustrate your tweets and other social media activity.

Recite This Image

Be Funky

Last but not least, Be Funky is a really cute little app for polishing up your pictures and again, giving them a unique feel. This is a mobile app for both iOS and Android (thanks to Wesley Prickett for the heads up on this one). The only issue with this one is if you want to reshare on Instagram some of the templates don’t fit their image aperture easily.


Out of the 17 image apps (no exaggeration) I have on my phone, these are some of my favourites. There are so many more out there so please share your favourites below!

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Jennifer D BeggFive picture tools to make your content POP!

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